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Life is like a box of chocholate!

Well lets see, I AM ME! what you see is 100% what you get. I am sometimes brutally honest not on purpose but because I have to be so that i am not walked on by anyone. That has happened way to many times over the years NOT ANY MORE....I love my family and my my children are my life.

I keep a handwritten journal and i have for the past 5 or so years, i find it a way to vent and just release alot of animosity and emotions and it is a great learning tool, because i go back and read my entries every so often and find that i have grown from a mistake or heart break or from decisions i have made.

I have been from Florida to Hawaii and have experienced alot in 37 years, I would not say that it has been a day at the pic-nic but i can tell you this that i would not go back and change any part of my life because if i had i would not be where i am this day and had the journey that i have. So i sit and think about the different paths my life has taken me sit and wander what if i would have done this instead of this, well i would not be here where i am for one reason or another. Bottom line is I LOVE MY LIFE and some when they hit 30 get teary eyed and upset and are like OMG im getting old, i chalk that up to they have not lived there life, me i have and well not necessarily the way i wanted but i have lived it and experiences are part of growing.